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90's Rock Cover Songs

Tracklist: 1.Black-Pearl Jam Cover 05:44 2.Disarm-Smashing Pumpkins Cover song 03:20 3.Fade to black-Metallica Cover song 07:09 4.Scar tissue-Red Hot Chilli Peppers Cover song 03:31 5.Wonderwall-Oasis Cover song 04:18 6.Creep-Radiohead Cover song 03:54 7.Interstate love song- STP Cover song 03:14 8.Black hole sun-Soundgarden Cover song 05:25 9.Self esteem-Offspring Cover song 04:16 10.Come as you are-Nirvana Cover song 03:37 11.Under the bridge-Red Hot Chilli Peppers Cover song 04:24
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